Information about the organization

The main purpose (objectives) of the Organization are: satisfaction and protection of the rights (interests) by members of the statutory proceedings and other activities promoting the full support residents of the quarter, limited street. Pushkinskaya Vasylkovska and Shevchenko (hereinafter – Quarter), more effective protection of residents Quarter, providing free legal advice and personal assistance with any residents Quarter – issues and improvement programs of the quarter.

The main areas of activity are established by law and to the extent provided by applicable law competence:
– Promote the establishment of real mechanisms to support residents Quarter;
– Within the current legislation advocacy, lobbying and protection of the interests of members and residents of neighborhoods in the public administration, local government, courts, economic and arbitration courts and before other legal entities and individuals;
– The protection of rights and interests of citizens living within the quarter;
– Cooperation with other organizations that support the statutory goals of creating mechanisms for joint legal protection Quarter residents;
– Protect the rights and interests of the Organization;
– Promoting the creation of conditions for the formation of a sufficient regulatory framework in Ukraine needed to prevent unlawful acts against the residents Quarter;
– Organization and participation in national and international conferences and meetings on issues of purpose and main activities of the Organization.
– Meet social, including economic, social, cultural, environmental and other interests.

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